Cool School Projects

I'm sharing some cool projects I worked on during my undergrad at the University of Athens. They don't really have much practical use, but they are an interesting sample of early work.

  • Unix shell (source code): supports multiple processes running on the background, pipes, aliases, command history and retrieval, matching files against regular expressions, basic built-in commands and special key interpretations based on GNU's readline library.
  • Interpreter for a first-order functional language (source code): translates Haskell-like code to intensional code, and then executes the produced code efficiently. In the heart of the program lie techniques such as tree code representations, hash-consing and lazy activation records. Built around GNU's flex and bison tools.

  • Multi-threaded music streaming server over HTTP (source code): can serve multiple clients concurrently by creating and managing appropriately a threadpool of user-specified size.